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About Community-Buy

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What's the goal?

Organic products available to everyone at an affordable price;
Help local producers distribute their products;
Inform of surplus and sell-off rapidly through social networking;
Build and maintain strong link among communities and friends;
Make the most use of everyday car trips.

Because the system can be improved

With the advent of technology and instant communications, we should be getting things cheaper and living better lives. The cost of living should be significantly lower, especially for people in cities. How can this be resolved? A part of the answer is to have a strong synergy between farmers in the rural area and people in the cities. Already-existing local food markets are a way to go and the service we offer is another big step toward a self-sufficient-market-and-distribution system.

What is Community-Buy?

It's an online store offering organic food and general goods (such has biodegradable products). We deliver to your house for a small fee. Where it becomes interesting is when you become a point of distribution for your friends -- you then get 5% off all prices.

For small farmers

You can open your online store at no charges and sell your products or sporadic surplus. If you are near one of our trusted member's route, we will come pickup your stock. By all means contact us and we will be more than happy to get you started.

For commercants and restaurants

You can see which farmers and suppliers are close to you and thus offer local organic products in your business.